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Guide to the top 3 small personal loans providers for new time borrowers


small personal loans


It seems that sometimes no matter how well prepared we are certain situations seems to test the depth of our pockets. In situations like these expenses can sometimes be more much greater than our bank balance.

A loan can help you out when you are in a financial rut. Unlike pay day loans small personal loans are  are more flexible offering a larger payback period and also allowing you to borrow more money.



Judging the best small personal loans providers

Taking out a small personal loans can be the wise thing to do, but with over 100 different loan lending companies just in the United States alone. How do you choose the best one?


The answer to that is pretty straight forward, you judge them on a couple of factors such as:

  • How much new customers can borrow

In our case we will say that the higher the better. Typically small personal loans providers offer loans of up to $1,000 for new customers.

  • Rate of APR :

APR means the Annual Percentage Rate of charge. It is how much you will be charged for borrowing the loan. The lower the better typically with small personal loan providers APR is .

  • Transfer time

This is how much time it will take for the loan to be transferred in to your account. If you need money quickly, go with a provider that offers funds transfer the same day or overnight.

  • Payback period

Some small personal loans lenders provide a payback period of 30 days others are more generous and provide a payback period of up to 12 months.


The top 3 small personal loans providers

Below is a list of the top 3 loan companies we found after researching over 40 different loan providers.


Loan provider New customer borrow limit Rate of APR Transfer time Pay back period Credit Score? How to apply
ClickNLoan $100 to $10,000 4.9% to  35.8% Usually within 1 business day Up to 60 months Yes but perfect credit score not required Visit their website to apply for a loan
First Choice Lending Network Up to $1000 6.59% to 39.99% 1 to 2 business days Negotiable with lender Loans available for all credit types Visit their website to apply for loan
No problem cash Up to $1000 261% + Usually within 1 hour Until pay day All credit types of credit scores are approved. Visit their website to apply for a loan

Who we would recommend we would recommend

As it is obvious from the table above Click N Loan for three simple facts:

  • 60 months repayment term means that the loan you are taking out can be paid be paid back over a long period of time. This can help if you are facing cash flow issues or  if you won’t be able to pay back the loan within 3 or 4 months.
  • You can borrow up to $10,000, which is substantially more than the other providers
  • As like with all the other lenders you do not need to have a perfect credit score to get a loan. This is great news if you have been turned down by the mainstream lenders.

Tips for getting a small unsecured personal loan

With many customers avoiding, or unable to get, a credit card, there is a growing market for unsecured personal loans. An unsecured loan gives you access to cash that you can use to take care of short-term financial issues (car repairs, medical bills, utility bills, etc.). These loans take many forms, but they all operate on a similar principle, that is, they require no collateral. A secured loan requires collateral, which means you can prove that you have assets that you can sell, a house or car for example, that can be sold to pay off the loan should you not be able to meet your requirements. Here are a few tips that can help make you a better consumer when looking for an unsecured personal loan.

It Pays to Shop Around

If you have a good credit score, you will have a wider range of options and that includes a variety of interest rates. Since many people are taking these loans out for several months, even a small difference in interest rates can make a big difference in the amount that you will pay over time.

Consider a Line of Credit

A line of credit is similar to a personal loan, but it allows you to have easier, more frequent access, to cash. If you are looking for a loan as a way to help launch a business, the ability to make cash more liquid can be a big advantage. Instead of having to continuously go back to a lender for a loan, you can simply tap your line of credit, and then pay it back. This option may feel more like a credit card, because you will be paying a different amount every month depending on how much cash you access, but the peace of mind that comes from having easy access to cash.

Only Take an Amount That You Need

Because these loans are unsecured, the amount that you can access is usually smaller than with other personal loans. However, it can be tempting to take out the maximum without considering if you really need that much cash. Not only will you save on interest by taking out less, but you will be able to pay the loan back easier, which will put you in good standing with the company making the loan and can help your credit score.

How to Get Small Personal Loans for Bad Credit

Having bad credit can sometimes get in the way of securing personal loans. You’ll often find yourself frustrated trying to look for different useful and effective ways on how to get small personal loans for bad credit only to find out that there are so little ways and options to obtain such. However, even if it is difficult, there are realistically doable ways that you’ll find on how to get small personal loans for bad credit and these can either be easy or difficult for you to follow, depending on your knowledge about it and how much you want to secure that small personal loan.

 small personal loans for bad credit

There are now a lot of options

A lot of different financial institutions are now offering a relatively new type of loan which is the bad credit personal loan. Most of the financial institutions that have this kind of loan offered are those that truly recognize that having a not-so-good credit history is not equal to the borrower defaulting on loan repayment. However, you will have to do a lot of things before you can secure this bad credit loan and one is that you will need to have a clearly defined reason or purpose for borrowing the money and this purpose will affect the terms of the loan that you will be granted as well as its repayment.



Steps on how to get small personal loans for bad credit


  • Look for lenders or financial institutions who have such offers on bad credit personal loans


If you have a regular bank, it would be best to go and check with them first to see if they have any offers on bad credit personal loans. This way, you wouldn’t have to go far and establish a decent reputation with other banks. However, if your regular bank does not offer such loans, you can look for other financial institutions or lenders that do. You can also find a number of good offers for bad credit personal loans online.


  • Explain and identify your main reason for seeking a loan


If you are trying to have a bad credit personal loan granted to you for major purchases like that for a car or a new home, you might want to stop right here and rebuild your credit first. You will need a huge amount for such major purchases that the small personal loan you might be able to get from the lender/financial institution might not be enough. Aside from that, after you have rebuilt your credit, you’ll be able to get regular loans that have terms that can be more beneficial and advantageous for you. Often times, small personal loans for bad credit are used for short term financing for things like weddings and honeymoons or home improvement.


  • Compare terms and sign only if it is right for you


Don’t just settle for the first lender or financial institution you see that offers bad credit personal loans. Look around for more options and compare terms to see which can give you the best terms for your loan. Check to see if there are hidden fees as well so you don’t get shocked once the time comes that you need to repay your loan. If you’re settling for a lender online, meet with the lender in person. Sign documents only if you fully understand it and don’t hesitate to ask for clarifications.


Looking for a lender or a financial institution that can give you bad credit personal loans can be difficult and tricky which is why you need to be very careful with this. Only sign up for a small personal loans for bad credit if you really need it and don’t forget to do your research to make sure that you won’t drown in debt.


Small cash loans

How do people benefit from small cash loans? When is the appropriate time to apply? Are these loans readily available? These questions are quite common to those people searching for an easy way out instead of borrowing money from friends or family members. Generally it is possible to find yourself seeking for some quick cash in the middle of the month so that you can care of unexpected bills like hospital bill payments, fix a broken car or replace some useful items with new ones in the house.


Small Cash loans are sought with the next payday check in mind. Basically, the amount you borrow should be reimbursable from your paycheck without altering other budget concerns. Before various banks and private lenders started offering payday cash loans also known as small cash loans, people used to borrow money from friends or relatives to take care of emergency bill payments, which could lead to embarrassments especially when luck doesn’t follow them in this endeavor. The beauty with these types of loans is that they are unsecured, which means that you don’t have to provide any form of security like your home title or the ownership forms of your convertible. The best place to apply for easy quick loans would be through the internet, as the borrower, you have an opportunity to compare and contrast different lenders and their interests’ levels terms among other conditions. Since these are quick cash loans that are also unsecured, lenders tend to charge higher interest levels thus leading to repayment of the borrowed amount to almost double or triple it. However, due to increased competition among lenders, these interest levels have been lowered and thus it’s quite possible to find lenders that would fit within your loan repayment budget. In the internet you can compare different quotes from different private lenders, their terms and conditions as well as the lending procedure.


The lender doesn’t waste time going through your checking bank checking account to determine your credit levels. In other words, when borrowing a small cash loan, doesn’t consider bad credits or other possible demerits that would hinder you from accessing these loans. Their only requirement for an individual to qualify for these loans is a bank checking account registered under his or her name. For unemployed people, the ability to access these types of loans has also helped them get through various payments like clearing rent bills while they search for other jobs. The amount to borrow depends on the lending policies from the lender, some lenders can offer you an opportunity to borrow between $100 to $1500 or even more. When a larger amount than $1000 is requested, the lender may ask few questions regarding your current employment and your monthly paycheck, however, this doesn’t happen a lot, may be from a few lenders worried about the loan repayment. Small cash loans have a very short repayment period, mostly between a few days to a few weeks. If you feel you can pay back within a few days the better thus you will avoid paying undeserving huge interest!

How to Get Small Business Loans Easily

Before you know about loans for small business, you need to know more about this kind of business. What is a small business? This is a private business, operated by a few number of employees up to 100 in number. Small capital is needed to establish the business.

Small business loans A small business does not incur many operating expenses.   Privately owned sole proprietorships, corporations and partnerships, are small business. However, the term small varies according to industry and countries. There are more factors used to classify a business as a small business. These factors are like assets value, turnover, net profits, etc. Depending on the level of economy, smallbusinesses are more common than large businesses.  

What are the characteristics of a small Business?

Small businesses include hairdressers, small shops, restaurants, photographers, convenience stores, online businesses, lawyers and other. However, the definition of a small business differs with circumstances. Generally, a small business has less than 50 employees. Assets value, total turnover and net profit are other factors used.  

Advantages of a Small Business – Getting loan for small business

It is easy to start, as it requires less capital, compared to a large-scale business. Getting a small business loan may be challenging, but it is not impossible to get. It is easy to run since the employees are few, with little sales to make and less cost of operation. It is easy to respond to changes like market place. Greater maturity and accountability since it is easy to keep close contact with their small number of customers. When you start a small business, you will be your own boss. Therefore, you will get independence. There is freedom to run your business the way you prefer, make your own decisions and get profit according to your efforts.

  Sources of Capital for Small Businesses

One major hassle that you will face when you want to start a small business is to get enough capital to start the business. However, we bring you the solution here, in terms of small business loans. Since the size is small and the numbers of employees few, then starting a small business requires small capital to start. You can get capital from:

  • Family friends
  • Your own savings
  • Small business loans
  • Overdraft, etc

  Small Business Loans The most difficult decision, challenge and task when you want to start your business, is where to get the capital to start. Where will you get money to keep your business running? However, instead of running up and down looking for ways on how to finance your business, get a small business loan. A loan will ease your worries. To get a loan for your business, you will undergo certain steps. Companies and lending institutions turn down many loan requests simply because they consider risks involved. With proper preparation, you will get your startup business loan. Stop thinking of how you can get a loan from government grants or even from community agencies. There are some requirements for getting  small business loans like a good business plan, credit records, education and whether your business is expanding or whether it is feasible. Preparing a convincing business plan is the most vital part in getting a small business loan. Make your lender see that giving you that loan involves low risk. There are certain questions you need to answer before getting a loan, which are:

  • How much do you want to borrow? Before you make a decision to borrow money, you must have thought of how much you need. Consider the capital for starting, and extra money to keep it running before you start making profits. Be accurate, and invest wisely.
  • What are your objectives for the money you want to borrow? Give a clear outlined detail of how you intend to utilize every dollar you want to borrow. For example, a loan for small businesses is for running the operations of the business like marketing, paying your employees, etc, and for buying business assets like furniture, computers, etc.
  • How long will it take you to pay back your loan? Clearly explain how taking a loan will help your business shoot from zero to a hero. Prepare accurate cash flows and financial statements, to convince your lender that you are capable of repaying the loan within your projected time.
  • What is your next step if you will not get your loan? Do not show your lender that you are not strong enough to face challenges. Be determined and confident that you will move from one lender to another trying to get that loan. If you do not get the loan, ask your lender why you did not qualify for a loan. Go ahead and try your luck from other lenders.


Small Business Loans Vs Overdrafts

To get a loan for a small business can be challenging, but you will get many options offered by many lenders. However, it is advisable you get the right loan to start up your business. By opening an account is the way for getting a business loan or getting an overdraft. Getting an overdraft does not require you to have any security. You can only take an overdraft only after six months or after one year. It is expensive if you withdraw more than the set limits. They are better to cater for everyday expenses for the smooth running of business. They are not the best for capital expenditure or for catering business costs.

Small personal loans: what are they and how can I get one?

Many people take advantage of small personal loans to meet current expenses or consolidate existing debts. Stiff competition between lenders has driven interest rates and loan costs down, much to the benefit of borrowers.

While the money from loans can make your life easier by covering an unexpected expense, it can also help you save money in the long run. For instance, using a small personal loan in lieu of a credit card will usually result in lower interest charges depending on the term of the loan.

Small personal Loans

Unlike many types of loans, small personal loans are relatively easy to get approved for.

Use Small Personal Loans to Save on Internet

Short term loans are usually available at substantially lower interest rates compared to credit cards. While the annual percentage rate of a credit card loan could be in double digits, a small personal loan could cost as little as 6% APR, which results in significant savings in interest expenses. This is not always the case, so be sure to compare rates before choosing.

It’s not just credit card loans that personal loans trump. In some cases, you can get a lower interest rate compared to a home equity loan, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in interest expenses.

How to Find the Best Rates on Small Personal Loans

Personal loans are often available at attractive interest rates, and you’ll want to choose the one which offers you the best savings and terms of repayment. To identify the best available loan offering, take some time to explore and evaluate several options offered by a variety of banks and lending companies. The high competition in the small loans market ensures that these loans are available at competitive rates, and that the loan costs are reasonable. You can get even better rates if you look for online offers which help you borrow from small lending companies and benefit from the reduced rates they offer.

A small personal loan is generally defined as a loan for an amount below $10,000. Anything above this amount is considered a more significant loan and will come with different interest rates and approval requirements. Repayment terms for this type of loan are typically shorter as well, ranging from one to ten years.

The longer the term of your loan, the more interest you’ll pay over the life of it. Hence, it would be wise to take a small personal loan for a shorter duration and pay it off quickly. If needed, you can always borrow again after paying off the initial loan. A three year loan with a favorable interest rate would keep the overall cost of the loan quite low.

Common Uses of  Personal Loans

Unlike loans like auto loans which can only be used for a specific purpose, a small personal loan can be used at the borrower’s discretion. Small personal loans could be used to meet health expenses, pay for a home renovation or even pay for an engagement ring. The flexibility of these loans makes them even more attractive to borrowers.